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Government funded heating system is more expensive than first thought

Heating systems in the UK that are said to be more efficient than usual have left families struggling to pay the bills.

The heating system used in the new government-funded affordable housing is said to be costing up to four times more than expected.

The heat is generated by an ‘exhaust air source heat pump’ that takes heat from waste air that leaves the house and then pumps it back in. This then provides heating and hot water.

Families are now said to have paid three to four times more than what the estimates said the new heating system would cost.

Energy Performance Certificates that accompanied the new properties estimated electricity and heating costs would be around £400 – £500 a year, but one resident’s electricity bill alone came through at £252 for just under 2 months. This led her to believe that the energy systems are not as cost efficient as the estimates suggested.

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Heater catches fire in airing cupboard

An immersion heater that caught fire in a Sheffield house on Monday evening was likely to have suffered an electrical fault.

Fire fighters responded quickly after the smoke alarm fitted in the house went off when smoke was detected.

Crews from Elm Lane and Rivelin stations arrived at Monteney Crescent Ecclesfield just after 9pm.

The heater was located in the airing cupboard, which is where the fire began. Fire fighters were able to contain the fire mostly to the airing cupboard and bathroom.

Two occupants that were in the house at the time of the fire were unharmed.

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Water heaters and the carbon footprint

Water heaters could make up more of your individual carbon footprint than you first thought.

If you’re a driver, your motor vehicle may seem at the top of the list of your daily energy consumption, but we reckon hot water usage in the home gives your car a run for its money!

Traditional water heaters have more of an impact on energy usage than most think. Water heaters (gas, electric and tankless) produce a lot of Co2, which tends to be more than your average automobile.

They also use nearly 6,400 kilowatt hours of electricity per year and produce eight ton of carbon dioxide annually, which is double the amount of a standard automobile every year.

However, the only obvious solution is installing a solar water heater. If you can’t get your hands on one of those, maybe cold showers in the summer are the answer to this one!

Oops! Do hot water heaters use too much energy?


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An ‘Oh Dear’ Moment for Heater Hire

Oopps this poor Iphone user lost his phone in an infra-red heater!!

It happened whilst he was facetiming his friend, he was chatting to her and the phone dropped in the heater- or maybe his phone was a bit chilly so wanted to get in the electric heater to warm up :D



An oh dear moment in deed!! :LOL:



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Make your garden an extension of your home with garden heaters

Nowadays, many features that we associate with our home are making their way into our gardens.

Homeowners increasingly want their gardens not just to be a place to go outside, but also an extension of their homes.

The use of garden heaters is perfect for this, allowing you to enjoy the outside even on the coldest of nights.

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