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Consumer Reports do safety tests on space heaters

It’s the time of year where sales for space heaters are on the up to help keep people warm during the chilly winter months.

Because these self-contained portable devices cause around 1,700 house fires per year as well as approximately 70 deaths, Consumer Reports decided to test which ones may be the safest to use in the home.

After testing 19 portable electric heaters, they decided what the obvious risks were. They checked for suitable safeguards, which are a must, and they assessed whether the overheat sensor turns the heater off before it poses as a fire risk.

Consumer Reports used test fabric to see if the heat sensors were activated in time.

Following their tests they found that the Optimus H-5210 space heater’s sensor did not activate in time and the fabric caught fire within minutes of being placed on the unit.

The non-profit organisation did find that this mode came with a ‘Risk of fire’ warning on purchase.

However they confirmed that there was a potential safety problem when purchasing this model as it was the only one out of the 19 that they had tested that caught fire.

No matter which heater you use, CR urges everyone to keep fabrics and combustibles away from heaters at all times.

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Electric heater causes house fire in U.S

The Daytona Beach Fire Department in the U.S has said that a house fire was the result of an electric heater problem.

The fire, which took place on Tuesday morning at 5am, generated heavy smoke and flames that came from the house.

Fire fighters arrived at the scene and were able to contain the blaze to the rear bedroom of the home.

They were able to minimise damage to the house after the heater malfunctioned in the bedroom where the fire began.

Sparks were said to have been coming out of the heater shortly before the fire began. Luckily there were no injuries as a result of the fire.

As a result of the fire, the U.S Fire Administration want to remind people to check the wiring on all electric heaters to make sure it is installed incorrectly, as well as check for overloaded circuits and extension cords.

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New heater invention could lead to an easier life for homeowners

Thanks to a new invention created by two promising North-East entrepreneurs, homeowners may never have to set the dial on old electric heaters ever again.

North-East social housing company Gentoo is trialling an efficient new technology called Thermionix. Tony Gair and Mike Hartley have invented the technology, which is a control system that uses the weather to predict how much energy a heater will use.

This control system avoids a householder having to set the dial on heaters themselves each day. The design should make inefficient electric heaters more cost effective and efficient, giving the people one less thing to worry about at home!

Newcastle Science City’s business support team helped to develop the system and Gentoo tenants in Sunderland are set to test the entrepreneurs’ invention while it is on a trial run.

The tenants will give feedback on whether or not the system makes heaters easy to use, living conditions more comfortable and feedback on how it affects energy bills.

Once they’ve collected the feedback, Gair and Hartley will use the data to revise and improve the system, ready for it to be launched to the public. It will be targeted at landlords and homeowners.

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An ‘Oh Dear’ Moment for Heater Hire

Oopps this poor Iphone user lost his phone in an infra-red heater!!

It happened whilst he was facetiming his friend, he was chatting to her and the phone dropped in the heater- or maybe his phone was a bit chilly so wanted to get in the electric heater to warm up :D



An oh dear moment in deed!! :LOL:



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Electric heaters sent to Enfield estate after heating failure

Electric heaters are still not been fully restored for the families who live within a New Southgate housing estate based in Enfield North London and the residents were left without heating services for nearly a fortnight.

Around 100 people living at the Ladderswood Estate have been coping without heating since March 30th this year when pipes from the estates communial boiler burst.

Enfield Homes said it would fix the problem “as soon as possible”, but Brian Stewart, who lives in Curtis House, said no engineers were working at the site when this comment was made.

A letter has now been sent to all homes apologising for the problem and assuring residents that temporary electric heaters, which had been delivered to the estate had been mistakenly left in a basement, would now be given out to the families on the estate.

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Peterborough arts centre sent gas bill of over £77k – time to try electric heaters?

Staff at a small charity art centre in Peterborough were left shocked when they were wrongly sent a monthly gas bill for more than £77,000.

The Realitas Community Arts Centre have a budget of around £30 a month for gas bills from energy provider E.ON. But after querying a bill that said the centre owed £876.43, the small gallery was visited by E.ON workers who found that the correct amount had not been charged.

However, rather than sending the charity an invoice for the correct amount, the figure on the new invoice was dramatically raised to a staggering £77,815.85.

Electric heaters hire may be the answer for the arts centre to avoid such problems.

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