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House fire in U.S is triggered by pillow and electric heater

Another house fire took place in the U.S this week as a result of an electric heater.

Fire fighters rushed to the Jersey City home on Tuesday afternoon after an electric heater caused a pillow to catch on fire.

The electric heater’s power accidently came on when electricity was restored in the house. Prior to the fire, the homes electricity was off because of a power outage.

Fire fighters managed to put the fire out after one of them found smoke coming from the basement of the building where the fire occurred.

It has been assumed that the pillow was placed next to the heater by someone in the house without them knowing that the heater was still plugged in.

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Consumer Reports do safety tests on space heaters

It’s the time of year where sales for space heaters are on the up to help keep people warm during the chilly winter months.

Because these self-contained portable devices cause around 1,700 house fires per year as well as approximately 70 deaths, Consumer Reports decided to test which ones may be the safest to use in the home.

After testing 19 portable electric heaters, they decided what the obvious risks were. They checked for suitable safeguards, which are a must, and they assessed whether the overheat sensor turns the heater off before it poses as a fire risk.

Consumer Reports used test fabric to see if the heat sensors were activated in time.

Following their tests they found that the Optimus H-5210 space heater’s sensor did not activate in time and the fabric caught fire within minutes of being placed on the unit.

The non-profit organisation did find that this mode came with a ‘Risk of fire’ warning on purchase.

However they confirmed that there was a potential safety problem when purchasing this model as it was the only one out of the 19 that they had tested that caught fire.

No matter which heater you use, CR urges everyone to keep fabrics and combustibles away from heaters at all times.

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Electric heater causes house fire in U.S

The Daytona Beach Fire Department in the U.S has said that a house fire was the result of an electric heater problem.

The fire, which took place on Tuesday morning at 5am, generated heavy smoke and flames that came from the house.

Fire fighters arrived at the scene and were able to contain the blaze to the rear bedroom of the home.

They were able to minimise damage to the house after the heater malfunctioned in the bedroom where the fire began.

Sparks were said to have been coming out of the heater shortly before the fire began. Luckily there were no injuries as a result of the fire.

As a result of the fire, the U.S Fire Administration want to remind people to check the wiring on all electric heaters to make sure it is installed incorrectly, as well as check for overloaded circuits and extension cords.

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Things to remember when buying a portable heater

There are a few checks that you should keep in mind when you’re out shopping for a portable heater.

It’s always important to take your safety into consideration, which is why if you remember just a few things you will reduce your risk of an electric heater related fire this winter.

You should only ever buy a portable heater with a suitable safeguard. This slows down the risk of fire and means that nothing can touch the electric heating directly.

You should also always check the box for warning signs to see if they are a potential fire hazard. The warning should tell you to keep combustible materials at least 3 feet away from the heater.

Things like furniture, bedding and curtains should be kept at bay for reassurance of safety.

It’s also essential for to get a portable heater that is the correct size for the area you wish to place it in, leaving the required space in between the heater and any combustibles.

If you can get one with a tip over safety switch that would be best, because that way you can be sure that even when accidents occur you’re still not at risk of experiencing a fire.

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The return of winter calls for safety reminders for portable heater users

It’s that time of year when temperatures are preparing to severely drop, making us all want to reach for our blankets and turn up the dials on our household heating.

Following the return of those cold dark nights and brisk winds, many households and businesses are likely to bring out their portable electric heaters to help keep them cosy. This is always a good time to throw out a reminder to make sure you heat your homes and offices safely this winter.

Portable heaters cause approximately 700 fires in the UK each year and fires in the US caused by these appliances in the home kill around 70 people a year.

When you’re planning to use an electric heater indoors it’s always a good idea to check the device first, especially if it’s old. It’s also essential to carefully consider where to put the heater, as placing it near furniture, paper or bedding is more likely to cause a fire.

Anything that can easily burn should be kept 3 metres away from the heater. This way you can have peace of mind that you are both warm and safe inside – much more fun than being cold and miserable outside!

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Residents of Doncaster are urged to check their portable heaters

Doncaster council are offering free safety checks to ensure that residents are using their portable heaters safely this winter.

The Trading Standards team in committed to warning the public about fire hazards that can be caused by heaters, in order to tackle accident rates this year.

Portable heaters are said to cause around 700 fires per year and that the most common cause is due to heaters being used when the cables are worn or have defective plugs.

The team are organising a free event where residents will be encouraged to bring their portable heaters so that they can be tested for safety.

They have issued advice warning people to check them before use, especially if they have been stored away in the summer.

A few basic tips the Trading Standards team have issued regarding electric portable heaters include:

–              Check for excess dust

–              Check the plug to ensure it is intact

–              Position it 3 feet away from furniture on curtains

–              Use fireguards to protect children and pets

–              Never dry washing on them

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Heater catches fire in airing cupboard

An immersion heater that caught fire in a Sheffield house on Monday evening was likely to have suffered an electrical fault.

Fire fighters responded quickly after the smoke alarm fitted in the house went off when smoke was detected.

Crews from Elm Lane and Rivelin stations arrived at Monteney Crescent Ecclesfield just after 9pm.

The heater was located in the airing cupboard, which is where the fire began. Fire fighters were able to contain the fire mostly to the airing cupboard and bathroom.

Two occupants that were in the house at the time of the fire were unharmed.

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Electric heater causes fire in Texas

An electric heater has been determined as the cause of a fire which left a family’s mobile home completely destroyed.

The fire, which took place last Sunday in the US, was deemed an accident. Fire Marshalls said that an electric heater may have been knocked over or a dog may have pushed something into it, causing the heater to flame.

The mobile home suffered serious damage, but none of the family of seven that lived there were inside at the time.

The cause of the fire was determined just a few hours after it took place.

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New heater invention could lead to an easier life for homeowners

Thanks to a new invention created by two promising North-East entrepreneurs, homeowners may never have to set the dial on old electric heaters ever again.

North-East social housing company Gentoo is trialling an efficient new technology called Thermionix. Tony Gair and Mike Hartley have invented the technology, which is a control system that uses the weather to predict how much energy a heater will use.

This control system avoids a householder having to set the dial on heaters themselves each day. The design should make inefficient electric heaters more cost effective and efficient, giving the people one less thing to worry about at home!

Newcastle Science City’s business support team helped to develop the system and Gentoo tenants in Sunderland are set to test the entrepreneurs’ invention while it is on a trial run.

The tenants will give feedback on whether or not the system makes heaters easy to use, living conditions more comfortable and feedback on how it affects energy bills.

Once they’ve collected the feedback, Gair and Hartley will use the data to revise and improve the system, ready for it to be launched to the public. It will be targeted at landlords and homeowners.

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Get an electric heater to dry your walls after decorating

Once you have finish decorating or plastering in you home, one of the most inconvenient problems is waiting for it all to dry.

To avoid this, you can hire a swivel radiant heater which  can dry walls that have recently been painted or plastered.

The heater’s head can rotate 180 degrees, making it easy to dry different walls in your rooms.


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